An Extra Rehearsal

When our group started up in 2012, we started rehearsals in late October and met once a week.  After a few seasons, as our repertoire grew in both size and scope, an occasional "sectional" was organized to help facilitate learning.  This season, the Karolers rehearse twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Sundays.  That, however, is still not enough for some us.  Greg, the true pitch aficionado, has on several occasions organized a mini-sectional or note-clinic.  In that spirit, Karol has hosted an additional rehearsal on Friday, December 8th.  Although the rehearsal was optional more than half of the group showed up! 

The rehearsal was very productive and definitely very extra – just ask Chaplain Lena about it. 

Karol, Mitch, Greg, Lena, Carlyn, Brittani, and Taylor in the middle of working on notes and nuances. 

Karol, Mitch, Greg, Lena, Carlyn, Brittani, and Taylor in the middle of working on notes and nuances. 

Beautiful Music

It is interesting to consider all rehearsals "optional."  Serious unpaid singers (SUSs) come together because of their passion for making beautiful music – not because of what is demanded of them.  There is a mutual understanding that making beautiful music is time-consuming and does not happen overnight.  Like all pursuits of excellence, making beautiful music requires time, focus, and discipline. These are not always easily mustered – all of us are consumed by our daily jobs, responsibilities, and life events.  After all, we are SUSs!  However,  it is clear that singers who make up the Karolers are extremely passionate and committed to making beautiful music. 

The beautiful music we strive to make could not happen if we only rehearsed once a week.  Although many singers prepare individually so that group rehearsals can be devoted to ensemble work, it is very helpful (and more fun) to learn new music in a group setting.  For many of us, it is difficult to learn by ourselves, and we are thankful to the more experienced singers in the group for helping us out.  It is the mutual understanding of the rehearsal process, the shared ambition to create something special, and the trust that everyone in the group is striving to do their best that brings and holds us together – in the pursuit of beautiful music.