Binders and Copies

In preparation for our first official rehearsal with our entire group, Michał and Naomi went on a mission to get new black binders for the Karolers.  

It turned out Costco only carries white binders, a trip to Office Max revealed that the price is $3 a pop (higher than the expected $1.50 we were anticipating), and we learned that Fisher closes at 6pm.  As a consolation prize we were able to pick up some colorful pencils and sticky tabs for the group – hopefully this will help our organization a bit! 

On Tuesday we finally got the black binders at Fisher (for $1.99, so $20 in savings), and rushed to Kinko's to make new copies of music for the group.  A big shoutout goes to Keane Ishii for transcribing our trusty picture carols, at this point infamous for being very hard to decipher (these are the very carols that Karol and Michał sung together in high school, now scarred by several round of copying and wear and tear!).  

We will not discuss the details and extent of the few copying mishaps that occurred at Kinko's.  Let it be known, however, that Naomi's proficiency with copying machines is far superior to Michał's.  Later in the evening, as Naomi was making some bomb stuffed peppers (to clarify: there were no actual bombs inside the peppers, they were just delicious), Michał laid out all the folders on the floor and started filing the music. After what seemed like an eternity the binders were done and ready to go!