Brittani Alexander
Born to two music professionals, Brittani was involved in something musical from her earliest memory. She majored in music for a time, but ultimately got her BA in Spanish and English Composition from Arizona State University in 2013.

All the while, Brittani continued to participate in the music programs of local churches, Glendale Community College and Northern Arizona University. Brittani also had the privilege of two seasons with Valley Women's Ensemble in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brittani moved to Berkeley, California in 2014 where she acquired her Masters of Divinity from the Graduate Theological Union in May 2017.

Brittani came to Honolulu, Hawai'i in August 2017 to pursue a Chaplain Residency with Pacific Health Ministry. Serendipitously, Brittani found Karol's Karolers and was invited to join their Krazy Karoling Krew!!
Meet Brittani


Brittani enjoys the simple things life has to offer, like holding a high b-flat for sixteen measures.

Bailey Barnes
More info coming soon!
Meet Bailey


Bailey earns the longest commute to rehearsal award – some suspect she travels by clicking her heels.

Clifford Hunter
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Meet Cliff


Cliff speaks with a James Bond kind of accent and drives a dangerous Tesla.  

Taylor Ishida
Taylor started formally singing at the age of seven when she joined the Hawai‘i Youth Opera Chorus. Through the group she has had the opportunity to take part in multiple productions with Hawai‘i Opera Theater. After graduating from High School, Taylor studied music at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN but decided it was a bit chilly and came back home to paradise.

Since she came back, Taylor has been singing with the UH Chamber Singers, The Lutheran Church of Honolulu Choir, and Karol’s Karolers. She also sings for weddings and helps families find care options for their senior loved ones with Care Sift.

Taylor is excited to be back with the Karolers for her third year!
Meet Taylor


Taylor will forever look almost 21 but don't be fooled – she's a black belt judoka. 

Lena Ann Keanu-Reichel
Lena Ann Ewalena Sullivan is a 2005 graduate of The Kamehameha Schools Kapālama Campus. While attending KS, she performed with The Kamehameha Dance Company, Orchestra, and Concert Glee Club. She received her BA in Music, and minor in English from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in 2010. She earned her Master of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in 2015.

Lena Ann currently serves as a Hospital Chaplain Resident with Pacific Health Ministries. She hopes to become a Board Certified Chaplain so that she may continue to provide spiritual care to the people of Hawai‘i.

Lena is a core vocalist with the Nā Wai Chamber Choir. She made her debut with the Karoler’s last spring! She enjoys drinking “coffee” and watching Netflix in her free time.
Meet Lena

Lena ANN

Fun fact: Lena’s full married name takes up almost as much space as her hair.

Marie Lickwar
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Meet Marie


Marie was once asked to play the German horn. But she chose the French one instead.
C’est la vie.

Malina Maneevone
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Meet Malina


When Malina is not singing, she’s busy managing the O’ahu Choral Society and looking extremely photogenic.

Mitchell Moriwaki
Mitchell comes from the island of Oahu, and, apart from attending a mainland university, has lived here his entire life. After receiving his librarian degree from the University of Hawaii, he now works as a Youth Services librarian at the Ewa Beach Public and School Library.

Although technically a baritone, he has been known to sing low bass and second tenor (under duress). He has had the honor of singing with many choirs, including the Symphony Chorus, the Hawaii Vocal Arts Ensemble, the Honolulu Chorale, and Karol’s Karolers.
Meet Mitch


Some suggested Mitch works for the CIA, but we can't reach them anymore. 

Karol Nowicki
Karol moved to O'ahu in January 2012 after receiving his music degrees from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. Soon after his arrival he began singing under John Renke with the St. Andrew’s Cathedral Choir where he felt he completed his practical training as a musician. He currently instructs chorus and voice classes at Kapi'olani Community College, and in the summer of 2017 became the music director at the Parish of St. Clement and the artistic director of Honolulu Chorale.

Karol and Michał sang in a caroling ensemble organized by their voice teachers when they were in high school, and have been eager to recreate an environment of joy and camaraderie they experienced back then. They founded the Karolers together with their Polish brother David back in the fall of 2012 and have been spreading the christmas cheer ever since.

In his spare time Karol enjoys hiking, salsa dancing, and pondering the meaning of life.
Meet Karol


Karol enjoys salsa without chips, a sky without clouds, and a world without emails.

Michał Nowicki
Michał is one of the original members of the Karolers, currently in his 6th season with the group. Michał was a French major in college, but dabbled in theater and voice whenever he could.

A teacher during the day, Michał has managed to lead a double life and since 2010 has performed in a number of musical, theater, and opera productions in Honolulu. He has sung with several choral ensembles and performed at private events, most frequently portraying Kristoff from Disney's Frozen.
Meet Michał


Michał spends his days writing bios for his friends and his evenings at Murphy's Bar.

Rāché Sapla
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Meet Rāché


Rāché loves diacritical marks, musical theater, and bears. Especially bad idea bears.

Angeliki Scordilis
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Meet Angeliki


Angeliki teaches us that you can add -iki at the end of an English word to make it Greek.

Bowe Souza
Bowe joined the Karolers during the Fall 2017 season. He graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with a BA in Music and minor in Hawaiian Language. His love of choral music stemmed from his participation in the Kamehameha Schools Concert Glee Club, and has been a member of groups such as the U.H. Chamber Singers, U.H. Voices of Aloha, LCC Kanikapila Singers, the Early Music Hawaii choir, and Nā Hulu Pīkake.

Bowe has a passion for Hawaiian choral music and has lent his skill of choral arrangements to the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, Nā Wai Chamber Choir, Colla Voce (now Nā Wai), Nā Hulu Pīkake, and Molokaʻi High School. He teaches as a music assistant for the Kamehameha Schools Special Events, and is a guest accompanist for the Concert Glee Club.

During his free time, he enjoys reading, video games, baking, and spending time with friends.
Meet Bowe


Bowe keeps insisting he is related to the Queen of England. Must be that regal chin.

David J. Webb
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Meet David J.

David J.

Nobody knows if David is an evil genius or a noble scholar but everyone knows not to mess with his maths.